Meet The Team – General Manager

Dunadry Hotel is full of character, history and remarkable stories, and on top of that all it also has Mr Malachy McCollum, the General Manager. Someone who is a stranger to few and a friend to many. You will never find another like him, who welcomes all guests into Dunadry Hotel as part of the Dunadry family making all who crosses that famous doorway right at home.

Malachy takes pride in providing an outstanding service which cannot be found anywhere else and producing an unforgettable day to all couples who decide to celebrate their wedding day here. So, we thought it would be the perfect time for all you brides and grooms to be to find out a little bit more about our Malachy.

How long have you worked at Dunadry Hotel?

I have been working at the Dunadry Hotel for 35 years.

What role do you play in weddings here at Dunadry Hotel?

I am the general manager here at Dunadry Hotel and I like to be very involved with all weddings which take place here, from start to finish.

Including show rounds and completing the couple’s final details.  I am also the Master of Ceremonies for all weddings that take place at Dunadry Hotel, making sure their day runs smoothly.

Overall, I strive to produce a stress free and enjoyable experience for all our couples from the first time they cross our door to them leaving the day after the wedding.

What’s your favourite thing about weddings?

I love being part of their big day and helping them create a memorable and lasting impression that they will treasure forever.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding?

My top tip is simply be organised. Plan out all parts which need to be complete on a check list, so you don’t forget anything & start planning early!

I also think it’s a great idea to purchase a ‘Wedding Planner’ or set up a wedding email address, this way everything will be in one place and it makes it easier to look back at any specific details.

And this should make your planning process simple, organised and stress free!

Oh, and remember there are 2 people getting married not just yourself, so plan your wedding with your partner as a team and truly take the time to enjoy planning your special day together.

What makes Dunadry Hotel the perfect wedding venue?

There are many factors which make Dunadry Hotel a stand out venue and the perfect option for a wedding venue.

Firstly, there is the Dunadry team & I. We will not stop until we know that we have produced a better day than you could have ever imagined. We will make you feel right at home and comfortable in what will be your wedding venue.

We are highly experienced in wedding planning and have a dedicated wedding team who will be there to help you each step of the way. 

The venue itself is second to none. With our one wedding per day you will have unlimited access the beautiful grounds, including the gorgeous gardens, the tree of peace and unity and the six-mile river, all perfect backdrops for wedding photos, not forgetting our brand new Grand Ballroom & Linen Mill Suite which ooze elegance.

The main thing though that truly sets us apart from anyone else is our Cork Display, were each couple’s signed cork is proudly display throughout the hotel for many years after. Meaning all our couples truly become part of the Dunadry family and its outstanding history.

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