The Perfect Christmas Dessert


By Denise Young

Christmas time for most of us is about spending quality time with our loved ones and indulging in (probably too much) delcious food! However, most of us will have the debate of what to get for dessert (or we will end up having serval options).

Our Pastry Chef, Denise, has very kindly decided to share her recipe for what we believe to be the Perfect Christmas Dessert – Spiced Winter Berry Roulade.


5oz Egg Whites

10 oz Sugar

Whip until fluffy and cook for 19 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius fan oven


2 oz Red Currants

2 oz Strawberries

2 oz Raspberries                              

2 oz Blueberries

2 oz Blackberries

1 TBSP of Mixed Spice

1 Pint Double Cream

1 TPSP of Vanilla


Boil berries until soft and mix in mixed spice

Whip together double cream and vanilla.

When Roulade is cool place onto grease proof paper and spread even layer of cream and berries on the top and fold in edge of roulade and carefully handle either side of greaseproof paper and pull towards you until completely rolled.

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